Software Developer


Design and develop framework designs, Web Services, Client API, Transaction Control, Data Encryption, and other aspects of coding for EDC systems for credit card transactions for restaurant, convenience store, and small supermarket customers; develop, modify and test Windows/Android mobile POS systems and system frameworks, database designs and coding of the entire systems utilizing VC++, Delphi 7, Java, SQL Server 2005, etc. to build a LAN-based C/S system; design and develop Web Service and Logic Control for the company's Mobile Order/Digital Menu product, an online ordering application for mobile terminal attached to POS for restaurants; analyze, develop, and modify coding of SMP (Small Media Player) systems custom media player programs on the central server based on TCP/IP media and codes; develop, test, and modify various modules used in product lines such as video capture, storage, and dynamic image recognition, utilizing VC++ and other relevant programming languages; consult with customers and other departments on project or technical issues with company software, and analyze, test, and modify software to improve and correct errors.


Bachelor's in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a related field plus 2 years experience in job or 2 years of experience in software development involving POS & EDC systems. Will accept in lieu of Bachelors in CS, Electrical Engineering or related field + 2 years experience Associates degree in above fields & 3 years experience of the same. Experience must include VC++, Delphi 7, Java, SQL Server, Web Services and SMP.

Send resume to:

Digicom International Inc.

145 Rome Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735

Attn: Jammy Chen, President.